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      Robert L. Closs, Ph.D.

      Everyone feels a little lost or in need of objective guidance from time to time.  If you desire a happier, more fulfilling life but don’t know where to start, let’s talk.


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      Dr. Robert L. Closs, Ph.D., is a Clinical Psychologist and the Clinical Director of Thera-Med behavioral health and medicine.  Dr. Closs has over 20 years of experience assisting individuals and families with mental health and substance use issues. Dr. Closs provides his patients with the help they need to begin the process of moving forward toward a more complete, fulfilling life.



      Stress, depression, career problems, marriage and family issues, phobias, and substance abuse are just some of the afflictions many of us suffer from at one point or another. If these conditions or other problems are affecting your mental health or the quality of life of someone you love, it may be time to seek professional help.

      A Brighter Tomorrow Starts Today


      Q:  I have no reason to feel depressed but I do. Can you help?

      A:  Yes, depression isn’t something you can “snap out of,” or you would. Depression and sadness are real and have a profound affect on every aspect of your life including health, family, and career.


      Q:  I still feel the effects of trauma in my life today even though the events took place years ago.  How do I move on?

      A:  Trauma and traumatic stress have a lingering effect on the mind and body. Sometimes a sound or situation can trigger the same feelings of fear, panic, and survival that you felt at the time of the actual trauma, even though it’s years later. Through professional counseling and treatment modalities, you can learn to manage these feelings in a way that is not disrupting your life today.


      Q:  I feel overwhelmed with work, family, and life in general.  Can you help me learn how to cope?

      A:  We aren’t born with coping skills, we learn them. Sometimes we learn or choose ways to cope that are either ineffective or self-destructive. This is the point where professional help can make all the difference. The good thing is that you recognize that there is a problem and you’re willing to learn new skills to cope more effectively.


      Q:  I feel like my wife and I are worlds apart, we used to be so close.  Can you help us with our marriage?

      A:  The speed of today’s world makes it difficult to stay connected and close with our partners.  I teach my clients how to communicate openly, compromise, understand each other’s needs, and the art of acceptance.  With a commitment from both parties to make the relationship work, many of the relationships I have counseled have grown stronger and more fulfilling for both partners.  Remember, it takes one to break it but two to make it.


      Q:  I’ve noticed I’m drinking more and more lately but my career is better than ever.  Could I still have a drinking problem?

      A:  In a word, yes.  Usually, if you are questioning if you have a drinking problem, you do.  That’s not to say that you’re addicted to alcohol, you may be alcohol dependent.  An assessment will allow me to identify where you are with your alcohol consumption.  After that, we’ll put together a treatment plan to address any underlying issues that may be driving your drinking and an action plan that works for you.

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